add clustered indexes to all tables

Azure requires all tables to have clustered indexes. Migrating existing identity tables to Azure database is not a straightforward task because identity tables have no indexes.

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Consider adding "using System.Data.Entity;" in initial IdentityModel.cs

By default in a new application Identity uses EF for storage. We do this by including an ApplicationDbContext class in the initial application code which derives from IdentityDbContext<ApplicationU...

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Experience: consider including "using System.Data.Entity;" in the default IdentityModels.cs

By default Identity's storage is based on EF. We include an ApplicationDbContext in the application which derives from IdentityDbContext<ApplicationUser>. The name ApplicationDbcontext makes sense ...

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Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Samples results in a deadlock when seeding the database.

If you use the code at you will see a deadlock occur. This has been discussed in the following links.

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IdentityUserClaim primary key type should be customizable

Why the primary key of 'IdentityUserClaim<TKey>' isn't customizable but forced to be int? If you have changed all other entities to have Guid primary keys you want consistency and not to be forced...

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IsLockedOutAsync always true

Hello, I found this problem with IsLockedOutAsync: I enter a wrong password for user and the access failed count is equal 1 and MaxFailedAccessAttemptsBeforeLockout = 5 but IsLockedOutAsync return...

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MVC5 template missing Views\Account\DisplayEmail.cshtml

I had recently downloaded and installed the latest Visual Studio extension update (Visual Studio Update 4). When creating an MVC 5 web application, I cannot find the view: Views\Account\DisplayE...

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Debugging Identity in VS 2013

I followed the instructions on the CodePlex home page for debugging Identity but had no luck with it. It seems that the Symbols server that is referenced in the instructions is not working correct...

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AccessFailedCount is not reset on successful login in SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync

When I have UserManager set to lockout users and no 2FA enabled and then use await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(model.Email, model.Password, model.RememberMe, true); to login users, I can se...

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IdentityUser_Id getting null value

I am using database firs approach and using identity. I have update this version of identity in my application and after update while i am adding user to role it is inserting null value in Identit...

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