UserManager.CreateAsync(user, password) -- saving in wrong order?

This is in regards to Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManager<TUser, TKey>. A call to UserManager.CreateAsync(user, password) calls UpdatePasswordAsync (Then UpdateSecurityStamp) before calling Upd...

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SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync: NotSupportedException

Should PasswordSignInAsync check against UserManager.SupportsUserLockout before proceeding? I might expect a NotSupportedException if I provided shouldLockout:true, but I get this regardless (from ...

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Cannot rename table names using fluent API

I am using ASP.NET Identity 2.1 on a Web API project (trying to build an OAuth Server). Beside changing the primary key to GUID on those identity tables (i.e., AppUser, AppUserRole, etc), I would l...

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Add Support for Health Monitoring Provider Events

Currently, the ASP.NET Identity does not support the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Provider. It should, upon successful login, raise an event with the WebEventCodes.AuditFormsAuthenticationSuccess and ...

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RememberMe expiration used for Authentication Cookie Expiration

I have web site that uses ID 2.1 2 factor cookie authentication. We've noticed that when you check 'Remember the browser?" after providing your 2 factor security token, the authentication cookie ...

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2.2.1 on NuGet?

Is there an ETA on getting 2.2.1 on NuGet?

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PasswordSignInAsync database access

Hi, if the user logs in with PasswordSignIn and provide valid credentials the FindByIdAsync and FindByNameAsync are called 9 times overall. I think this is to much overhead. Is it possible to opt...

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Include xunit.runner.visualstudio package in test project

Since our tests are xunit based, they don't immediately show up in the test explorer unless xunit runner visx is installed. The Xunit guys now recommend adding the xunit.runner.visualstudio to run ...

Id #2506 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Feb 16 at 9:43 PM by raspranav | Created: Feb 5 at 6:37 PM by suhasj

AuthenticationManager.SignOut doesn't work if identity was regenerated in current request

The issue is easily reproduced in the default project template by setting the validateInterval parameter of the OnValidateIdentity to 1 minute, and then waiting 1 minute before clicking the...

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Issue adding roles to a user

Hi, I have a issue adding a user to a role or getting, actual user roles. I'm detected a issue in my IdentityUserRoles table. It has 4 columns instead 2 (RoleId, UserId, ApplicationUser_Id and Iden...

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