UserStore cannot use another IdentityUserClaim type

In our existing application I'm trying to use the 5 type generic argument of UserStore to change the TUserClaim type from IdentityUserClaim to a subclass of IdentityUserClaim that adds a Issuer pro...

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MySQL Custom primary key

As soon as I try follow the link: I come to this instruction --> Change the context class and...

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Permission future (RBAC)

Can I pull the permission future to the ASP.NET Identity? Source code & demo:

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2 Factor Remember Browser Cookie expiration not set correctly

I am having trouble with the Two Factor Remember Browser Cookie. I downloaded the tutorial available here :

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Make IdentityRole properties virtual

Porting bug from github All the properties of IdentityUser are virtual but not for IdentityRole. The Id and Name properties are not. This is correcte...

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await SaveChanges().WithCurrentCulture(); causes SynchronizationContext.Current to be null

I have to elaborate a bit first to explain where this issue is coming from. When applying a pattern like the better domain events pattern by Jimmy Bogard, and I'm talking about this gist in parti...

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UserManager.CreateAsync(user, password) -- saving in wrong order?

This is in regards to Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManager<TUser, TKey>. A call to UserManager.CreateAsync(user, password) calls UpdatePasswordAsync (Then UpdateSecurityStamp) before calling Upd...

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SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync: NotSupportedException

Should PasswordSignInAsync check against UserManager.SupportsUserLockout before proceeding? I might expect a NotSupportedException if I provided shouldLockout:true, but I get this regardless (from ...

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Include xunit.runner.visualstudio package in test project

Since our tests are xunit based, they don't immediately show up in the test explorer unless xunit runner visx is installed. The Xunit guys now recommend adding the xunit.runner.visualstudio to run ...

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How do you Mock Find method with EF6.1?

This article shows you how to mock with EF6.1, which I have working, except with the 'Find' method (which always returns null when testing with a mock). Working with the 'Find' method is not addr...

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