ASP.NET Identity
ASP.NET Identity is the new membership system for ASP.NET applications. ASP.NET Identity makes it really easy to customize profile and add Login/ LogOut functionality to the application. Please visit to learn more on getting started with ASP.NET Identity and how you can add users and protect your websites using Roles

Source Code

You can browse the source code via the web or use git to clone the source repository.

git clone

To build: Open the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity solution in VS and build.

To run tests: you need to install xUnit. Please follow the instructions listed at the Running tests in Visual Studio

Note: As part of building you may need to obtain NuGet packages from the Outercurve Foundation NuGet public feed*.

* By running build, you will be initiating the download of other software packages from a NuGet-based feed that is owned by the Outercurve Foundation. You are responsible for locating, reading and complying with the license terms that accompany each such package. Each package is licensed to you by its owner. Microsoft is not responsible for, nor does it grant any licenses to, third-party packages.

See Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.sln in the root directory to open the solution in Visual Studio.


There are lots of ways to contribute to the project.

You can contribute by reviewing and sending feedback on code checkins, suggesting and trying out new features as they are implemented, submit bugs and help us verify fixes as they are checked in, as well as submit code fixes or code contributions of your own. Note that all code submissions will be rigorously reviewed and tested by the ASP.NET Team, and only those that meet an extremely high bar for both quality and design/roadmap appropriateness will be merged into the source.

Signed Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are available via a private NuGet feed. Nightly builds are meant for developers to try out new features or bug fixes ahead of an official prerelease or final build. We strongly urge you to only use official builds for production.

Nightly builds can be used with Visual Studio which has NuGet installed. To use the nightly build:

  1.       In your Package Manager settings add the following package source:
  2.       Add or update to the latest build of ASP.NET. The nightly build is labeled (nightly YYYY MMM DD).

See the nightly build documentation for more information.

To enable debugging through the code you will need to make some additional changes in Visual Studio:

  1.            Under Debugging | Options settings make the following changes in General section:
  2.            Uncheck “Enable Just My Code (Managed only)”.
  3.            Uncheck “Enable .NET Framework source stepping”. Yes, it is misleading, but if you don't, then Visual Studio will ignore your custom server order (see further on).
  4.            Check “Enable source server support”.
  5.            Uncheck “Require source files to exactly match the original version”
  6.            Under Debugging | Options settings add to the list of symbol locations in Symbols section.

For more detail see instructions from


For details on our planned features and future direction, please refer to our roadmap


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